Loch Fyne, August 2011

This was my very first trip to Scotland and it didn’t disappoint. Arriving in Argyle late on Thursday night you couldn’t make out the views from the caravan park. The accommodation on the other hand was excellent, well done Dave G !

After a late supper and a few beers, it’s up early for the first days diving. With both boats launched we drove up the Loch about 8 miles to our first dive site, Eilean Fraoch, on the south face of Seal Island. Diving with Dave Godson as my buddy, I did my first 25 meter dive, but because of recent rain running off the land, the water was the colour of peat which made for a low viz dive, but there was plenty of sea-life down there.

Dory and Nessie

Dory leading Nessie up the Loch

After a lunch break we headed out for the second dive which was at An Oigeach on Stallion Rock. Again, this was another wall dive with Dave Godson. This time the viz was good and we saw lots of big crabs on the wall. Back at the caravan, Stuart did everybody chilli for their tea, it was delish !

Stuart, Kay, Alison, Dory

Stuart at the helm of Dory

Back onto the Loch for day two, the weathers very changeable so need to find sheltered spots for to dive. First dive of the day is with Paul Tweedale and we find scallops at this location. Some of the buddy pairs report seeing big crabs and lobsters. This place is called Kilbride Rock. Again, viz good. After lunch we head out again to a wall south of Kenmore Point. This is a wall dive, again with Paul Tweedale. There’s lots of sea-life to see and the viz is good. Back at base and Connie had cooked Pasta Bake for everybody – again, the food is top notch.

A nice flat Loch

A nice flat Loch

That night, three of us decide to do a night dive in the harbour, so about 21:30 the two Steve’s and Adrian are in the water with the rest of the gang acting as shore cover. This dive was done at low water so getting any depth was not possible, plus there was that much bladder rock seaweed making it hard to fin through in places.

Dive site

Both boats at the dive site

Day three saw us on the Loch for the final days diving. This is a wall at Pennymore Point with Steve Bettison to 35 meters. Lots of life on the wall at shallower depths, then it just got dark, still, a very enjoyable experience. Trying to get back on the RIB, I ripped the air-inlet out of my dry suit. Back at the campsite I took the damaged valve to the air filling station where the owner of the station and myself managed to repair the damaged item – can’t thank that man enough.


The Dive Team

Just managed to get a sandwich down before heading out on Nessie for the seventh and final dive of the weekend. That was at a location called Black Rock and ended up as a bit of a scallop dive with Paul Tweedale and Adrian Jimenez. Not many scallops at this location but viz good and plenty of other stuff to see. Back at the caravan site, the boats were washed down for the trip home, plus the diving equipment. That night we all went to The George Hotel in Inveraray, the meal was lovely and a fitting end to a fantastic weekend. Special thanks go to Dave Godson for organising the trip, Stuart and Connie for the evening meals and Stevie B for taking me in the van – and anybody who dived with me !

Steve Clowes

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