As with all BSAC clubs, we have a committee elected each year who help manage and run the club.

TSAC Committee 2022

The TSAC Club Committee


Paula Garbett

Paula joined the club in November 2017 and is one of our Club Instructors and an Advanced Diver. Paula has previously served on the committee as our Training Officer (2018) and Membership Secretary (2021).

This is Paula's Second year on the committee but first time as Chairperson. Managing a school and being a magistrate, Paula brings a great deal of organisational skills to the committee.  Any messing, it's the naughty step 🙂


Debbie Collier

Debbie has been a club member since October 1987 and is a newly qualified Advanced Diver, bringing a massive amount of knowledge back to the committee.  Debbie is ardent diver and is as equally passionate about her walking.

Previously Chairperson (2013 - 2015) with a keen eye for detail and the drive to ensure the club constantly moves forwards.


Ben Flanagan

Ben is a trainee diver joining TSAC in September 2021, following a try dive during the TSAC Have A Go Night in 2021. Ben has shown a great deal of enthusiasm for all things TSAC and diving in General.

Ben had no problem filling the position of club Treasurer and this will be his first year in that role.  Well done Ben.


Paul Tweedale

Mr T has been in the club since October 2005 and his covered roles such as Social Secretary (2011 – 2012), Membership Secretary (2013 – 2018) and Chairperson (2020 – 2021).

This is Mr T's his first year as club Secretary and is one of the more experienced committee members.


Lisa is a newly qualified Ocean Diver joining TSAC in June 2021. Lisa has demonstrated a great deal of dedication in securing her OD Qualification and enjoys a good challenge.

Being a marketing guru, Lisa is obviously a well organised person, so is ideal for this role.  Hopefully this will be the first of a fair few years in the committee for Lisa.


John Kelly (JK)

JK is Dive Leader joining TSAC in August 2021 as an already qualified diver, bringing his two sons along with him in to TSAC.

Having maintained his own hard boats himself, JK has a great understanding of what is required for keeping club kit up to scratch and in service.  This is JK’s first, of hopefully many years, as EO within the club.


Paul Moore

Paul is a Sports Diver joining TSAC in March 2024. Paul has previously served on the committee as Social Secretary (2017 – 2019) and was instrumental in bringing club members together on many a club social event.  He doesn’t get down hearted if an event isn’t filled and always has a smile on his face.

Within seconds of accepting the role, Paul started formulating social events and with a bit of Luck, COVID will allow him to implement a fair few get-together’s… We all look forward to receiving the many invites.


Simon Read

Simon has been a club member since June 2006 and is one of our Assistant Club Instructors and a Dive Leader. This is Simons second year, in what is a relatively new role within the committee (created mid-2021), He brings a great deal of knowledge about all thing’s social media, to the committee.

Simon administers and maintains all TSACs social media platforms and ensures our TSAC Website is up to date with all the latest information.  He actively promotes TSAC wherever he can.

IMG_3603 (2)

Steve joined the club in November 2016 as a trainee and is now a Dive Leader and Open Water Instructor.  This is Steve's fourth year on the committee, this being the first time he has acted as Training Officer ("In Brackets"); having served as EO the previous three years (2019 – 2021).

On the quiet, Steve a bit of an I.T. guru, but shhh... Don't tell anyone!  Always a happy, level headed chappie and can put his hands to fixing anything really.