As with all BSAC clubs, we have a committee elected each year who help manage and run the club.

TSAC Committee 2020

The TSAC Club Committee


Paul Tweedale

Mr T has been in the club since October 2005. He Has done two years as Social Secretary and six as Membership Secretary before taking a year off; mainly spent travelling around other countries contributing to his dive logbook.  Mr T is now in his second year as club Chairman.


Steve Bettison

Steve has been a club member since October 2007 and is now in his third year as DO this time round.  Previously DO for two years and TO for four years before that.  Steve is an Advanced Diver, nearly an AI.  Steve is a popular member of the club, always willing to train others and has a great passion for diving.


Josh Ball

Josh is a trainee diver joining TSAC in November 2019. Josh quickly volunteered to act as club Treasurer and is now in his second year of that role.  Josh has recently recruited two other younger members of the club to the committee… Good work Josh!


Brad Markham

A club member since August 2012, Brad is a Dive Leader and this is his sixth year on the Committee as Secretary. Popular diver and normally first to the bar. We let him so it doesn’t interfere with his OCD!


Paula Garbett

Paula joined the club in November 2017 and is one of our Club Instructors and an Advanced Diver. Paula has previously served on the committee as our Training Officer, and it is great to see her back as our Membership Secretary.  Paula brings a wealth of experience to the committee with great organisational skills to boot.

Paula has taken over the role as of June.  Our previous Membership Secretary Joe, had to stand down due to personal reasons (work related).


Steve Gresty

Steve joined the club in November 2016 as a trainee and is now a Dive Leader and Assistant Club Instructor, working towards his OWI.  This is Steve's third year on the committee as EO and has a love for tinkering with all things mechanical.  On the quiet, he's a bit of an I.T. guru, but shhh... Don't tell anyone!


Lewis Williams

Lewis joined the club in December 2014 and has recently been awarded Dive Leader.  Lewis is an Assistance Club Instructor and is also working towards OWI.  This is Lewis' first year on the committee and he is one of three younger members of club to join the Committee.  He brings a “can do” approach with him.


Simon Read

Simon has been a club member since June 2006 and is one of our Assistant Club Instructors and a Dive Leader. Simon is the first to fill this newly created role and brings a great knowledge of all things social media related to the committee.  Simon administers and maintains all the social media platforms, TSAC has a presence upon.  He is actively promoting TSAC wherever he can, which is great for the club.