Training Report – An Introduction

1999 : A trainee’s first experience with TSAC  by Ian Brown.           

I first started diving with Trafford Sub-Aqua Club back in October 1998 as a Trainee and gradually progressed to Club Diver in October 1999.

The training by the club is excellent, I’ll have progressed to Sports Diver by August 2000.

Before I joined Trafford Sub-Aqua Club, I looked at other clubs in the area. The first thing that struck me about this particular club was the welcome they gave you. The club is full of enthusiastic people all wanting to help you along with training and drills, whether it be in the pool, in a quarry or theory in the club house.

Oh yes, I must mention the clubs social activities, for example BBQ and Christmas dance, and not forgetting the dive weekends away. All a must and lots of fun !

Getting back to diving. Diving is a wonderful sport, it adds a new dimension to the world we know, you just don’t realise the abundance of life that is in our sea, quarries etc.

When you see fish, sea urchins, star fish and lobsters in their own environment it is quite extraordinary.

The whole family can get involved, not necessarily with diving but in the social side of the club. My girlfriend Carol has just joined the club and is now a Club diver.

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Neil Smitham

Since starting diving I've learnt a lot more useful things than I ever did at school, and been to so many different places that I doubt I would have without diving, around Britain and abroad. The Red Sea is great diving, and I've been to Orkney / Scapa Flow eight times, but my best trips have been two club trips to Norway. The craic of the journey and the spectacular scenery added to the fantastic diving. Favourite wreck, The Frankenwald or The Ferndale and Parat.

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