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Hi Everyone

My task has been set to gee up 2014 social scene, so the first event is Bem Brasil on Saturday March 22nd please see calendar for details

I would like to ask everyone that has an opinion on social activities they have enjoyed, or disliked, would like to do but would like me to organise, then please feedback to me ASAP and I can get things started.

Lets look at activities we can share with our families, children, friends and members.  Girlie nights, Boys nights, challenging activities or pint and curry nights!

Walks, dog racing, Chester Zoo Trip, a walk, dogs aloud with a dog friendly pub visit along the way and at the end!

Any suggestions welcome, so come on lets have some fun, who knows inviting a few friends may bring us new interest and new members, we plan to dive, so lets plan the FUN!!




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