Resuming in-water rescue breath training

The teaching of in-water Rescue Breaths (RB) is integral to diver training at Sports Diver and above. BSAC advice has been that this is not currently achievable safely whilst following the Covid-19 guidance. However, as the restrictions are slowly being eased, it is understandable that students will once again wish to progress their training.

In order to facilitate training for those who wish to complete diver grades, BSAC has been reviewing its guidance and has now published further recommendations for Instructors and Diving/Training Officers to provide three options that may be utilised whilst maintaining Covid-19 safety measures.

  • Use of in-water rescue manikins
  • Use of a simulation technique (together with extensive shore-based practise with a CPR manikin)
  • Use of a trained diver from the same household

Neil Smitham

Since starting diving I've learnt a lot more useful things than I ever did at school, and been to so many different places that I doubt I would have without diving, around Britain and abroad. The Red Sea is great diving, and I've been to Orkney / Scapa Flow eight times, but my best trips have been two club trips to Norway. The craic of the journey and the spectacular scenery added to the fantastic diving. Favourite wreck, The Frankenwald or The Ferndale and Parat.