News and Events in the TSAC club.

TSAC Remote Get Togethers – Via Zoom

As you all know, we recently started using the clubs zoom account for remote club get togethers.  The first one (in January) went that well; so we have decided to hold regular get-togethers on the last Friday of every month.  Therefore, the next three remote get togethers will be on: Feb 26, 2021 @ 20:00.…


BSAC message on Clarifying “The rule of 6”

We thought we’d start this week with a big warm thank you. Thank you for your loyalty to BSAC, for sticking with us through the tough times and for your support and kindness to clubs and fellow members. It’s been an extraordinarily difficult time for most over the last six months, but the strength in…

in-water rescue breath

Resuming in-water rescue breath training

The teaching of in-water Rescue Breaths (RB) is integral to diver training at Sports Diver and above. BSAC advice has been that this is not currently achievable safely whilst following the Covid-19 guidance. However, as the restrictions are slowly being eased, it is understandable that students will once again wish to progress their training. In order…


2021 Year Planner

Yes a planner for next year, showing Spring and Neap tides and when the next natural disaster will hit that throws all of your dive trips out of the window! Only kidding. BSAC have now made their 2021 Dive Planner available for download on their website and it’s available in lots of different sizes and…

IMG_20200718_122713 (2)-min

Training Dive – Capernwray 18th July 20

BSAC clubs provide divers with many differing facets, friends, social activities, diving opportunities, shared experience, and training. By offering different courses and experience, divers can develop their own interests and build experience as they wish and at the pace that suits their needs. TSAC has a wealth of experience available and has many divers developing…


We’ve updated the website

Hello TSAC Members, is you’ve not already noticed our website has had an overhaul. We’ve split the content into two areas, public and members only. We’ve also made the whole thing much more user friendly so that it should be just as helpful on your mobile device as it is on a computer. If you’re…


Christmas Dive and Meal – 2019

Whilst diving, providing a base for training and improving divers is the primary function of a dive club there are other important activities that take place. Diving is a social activity through which many friendships are developed during the various social and dive activities, not least of which is the annual Christmas dive and meal.…


BSAC Dive Planner 2020 (and details of ICS file)

Help plan your dives around tides and download a copy of BSACs dive planners for 2020. All TSAC’s dives are on our Website Calendar. Planners – – You can download Spring and Neap tides to your own electronic calendar using this ICS file from BSACs website.    


St Abbs, Sept’ 2019 – “Lobsters, lobsters and yet more lobsters (and some dolphins)”

Yet another trip to New Asgard for a weekend’s diving comes around and yet another good time was had by all. Whenever I go on a dive trip, it’s always the same. ‘Can I be bothered with the four hours’ journey, is it worth it?’ The answer with St. Abbs is always the same. ‘Yes’.…

St Abbs

St Abbs, June 2019 – “And then there were five!”

It didn’t bode well. A bad weather report and a skipper who was not sounding positive. Friday morning 8:20 and the message comes: ‘I don’t think we will get diving tomorrow, looking at the forecast strong north east for most of the day’. Time for a decision. Well, two couples were going up for a…


TSAC’s “Plymouth the return” 3rd – 6th May 2019

The annual bank holiday trip to Plymouth has not run for since the retirement of Richard and his classic dive boat, The Ceeking. This year we returned with the Mountbatten based dive centre InDeep, as it seemed time to renew our acquaintance with James and Glen. We arrived, as is the norm on the Friday,…


Try Dive Night – Weds 14th Nov

Trafford Sub-Aqua Club will be hosting their annual Have-A-Go Night on Wednesday 14th November 2018 at Flixton Ex-Servicemen’s club and Urmston Leisure Centre. The event gives newcomers a chance to give scuba diving a try in a friendly and social environment, previous experience is not required. The event kicks off at 7:30 pm, where after…