Training dive – Capernwray – CONFIRMED

Starts in 8 Days, 12 Hours

August 20, 2022 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Capernwray Diving Centre

Jackdaw Quarry, Capernwray Rd, Carnforth LA6 1AD

01524 735132

Steve Bettison is organising the training dive for 28th May at Capernwray, meeting at 10.00.
If you’d like to come along please let Steve know ASAP.
We have more instructors than trainees, so if you would like to do some training then please let Steve know, we have had a few training dives cancelled recently so please try and make the most of this opportunity.
If you just want to come along for a dive that’s fine.
Contact Steve via email if you would like to attend.
Please make sure your BSAC and TSAC subs are up-to date.

Contact TSAC TO Steve Gresty (


If you’ve not used the Capernwray dive site before you’ll need to register with them and purchase a life time membership as well as paying the admission fee.

They also hire all the kit you will need if you don’t have your own,  contact them in advance if you need to hire kit to avoid delays on the day.

All details on Capernwray in the link below.

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Simon Read

I have always loved the sea and diving gives me that little bit of extra special interaction. I love diving anywhere and always find sites interesting and an exhilarating activity, constantly enhancing and improving my skills and knowledge. My favourite diving has to be around the British Isles and in particular St Abbs. It has everything, the sea life, the socialising, the history and the thrill. TSAC has opened up many areas and opportunities for me and hopefully will continue to do so in the future. Here’s to the next adventure.