Dive leader training DT8 – Dive planning

July 20, 2022 12:00 am

Dive leader training DT8 – Dive planning

Lesson Objectives

The objective of this lesson is to highlight the importance of planning as a Dive Manager when organising diving to Branch known dive sites. The lesson introduces students to considerations that need to be made before arriving on a dive site. This includes organisation of divers and equipment and introduces students to charts. Information obtained from charts and tide tables helps anticipate conditions. It supports the use of electronic navigation equipment and/or transits that a branch may use for known sites. Weather forecasts are also part of dive planning.

Achievement Targets

At the end of this lesson students should:

  • Understand that dive planning considers five main areas; the dive objectives, the divers involved, the proposed dive site, the date/time to dive, and extra equipment needed to support the objectives
  • Understand the responsibilities of the Dive Manager
  • Understand the suitability of a site for the dive objectives and levels of diver experience
  • Understand that known sea sites will still require planning and information to locate the site
  • Understand latitude and longitude, their relevance to charts and use of GPS for position fixing
  • Understand how to read a chart in combination with Chart 5011 to identify relevant features on or near the dive site
  • Understand the principle of transits for fixing the position of the dive site
  • Determine the difference between chart datum and actual depths on the day of the dive with the use of Tide tables
  • Understand the use of tidal diamonds on a chart tidal flow diamond to determine the time of slack water
  • Understand the use of the compass rose
  • Understand the effect of wind, the sea state and the importance of monitoring weather before diving

If you wish to attend please contact the DO – Debbie (DO@traffordsubaqua.co.uk) or the TO – Steve (TO@traffordsubaqua.co.uk)

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